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We offer a full range of services for our clients and can conceive and deliver projects through to completion. In each project we seek to develop the scheme in tandem with the clients through constant refinement and questioning of the soluitions to ensure the optimum solution is reached and all options have been explored. This is achieved through 2D models, sketches, 3D models and ongoing discussion with the client, consultants and builders.

We work on projects of all scales, no matter how small. From storage solutions for houses to large scale developments each project brings its own curiosity and opportunity to deliver a unique solution for our client.


- Initial feasibility studies for sites, home extensions, new dwellings
- House Health Checks
- Energy Saving Solutions
- Property Appraisals + Site Selection
- Site / Development Feasibility
- Spatial Consultations
- RIAI trained Project Supervisor Design Process

- Furniture Layout + Design
- Building Defect Reports
- Legal Opinions and Expert Witness
- Ordinance Survey mapping
- On-site inspections and certification of works for financial institutions
- Building contract administration



We typically arrange our scope of services into 4 separate stages.
Each section is based on a fixed price fee.

  • Stage 1

    Initial feasibility and sketch design options.
    Listen to the client’s needs.
    Measure the site or house.
    Identify the problems and offer the solutions.
    Produce initial sketch designs which outline feasibility and demonstrate potential.

  • Stage 2

    Developed design and planning.
    Develop the preferred solution or combination of solutions on computer.
    Visualise for client.
    Audit against clients brief and regulations and co-ordinate engine and other consultants.
    Cost check.
    Apply for planning permission where required and we have a very high success rate.

  • Stage 3

    Meet with the client to agree all the details and design decisions to ensure accurate pricing.
    Produce detailed drawings and specifications.
    Propose contractors for tender list.
    Seek comparative costs for the works.
    Appraise and advise on returned tenders.

  • Stage 4

    Site inspections and contract administration.
    Visit site regularly to monitor progress.
    Renew quality.
    Administer building contract and certify payments and quality of work during the build.
    Ensure compliance with relevant planning and building regulations.