Cottage Upgrade – Dublin 2

We recently completed a feasibility study for a client to renovate a small cottage in Dublin 2. The project seeks to stick to the existing footprint and maximise the living space and storage Within the existing envelope.

Cottage Renovation and Extension – Dublin 8

We have recently been engaged to look at the feasibility of extending a cottage in Dublin 8 The proposal which consist of a revised internal layout and new first floor bedroom space with Screened first floor balcony

Cottage Renovation – Dublin 4

Views of our current project in Dublin 4. It is proposed to renovate and upgrade the existing cottage With a new living space to the rear. The property which has a generous garden looks to make the most Of the space and aspect.

Planning Application Submitted – Wicklow County Council

We recently submitted a planning application for works to an existing bungalow in County Wicklow. It is proposed to extend the dwelling with a new first floor and alterations to the existing elevations With an overall upgrade to the property throughout.