Planning Granted for House on Torquay Road

1340 Torquay Planning PHOTOMONTAGE 09.05.14A full planning grant has been received for our house design on Torquay Road in the shortest timeframe possible and without any third party objections or appeal. This continues our 100% planning success record in the Greater Dublin Area in recent years. (

The location of the site within the Architectural Conservation Area (A.C.A.) of Foxrock meant that a considered approach and contempary design was sought. Multiple pre-planning consultations in conjuction with in-housedaylight analysis, arborist consultancy and in-house computer visualisations yielded the positve outcome.

Design Intent + Description  The 312sq.m (3,300+sq.ft) house is set on a narrow south west facing site in a two storey over part basement design. The design sought to create a distinctly monolithic composition executed through a limited palette of materials carefully detailed. Brick is chosen as the primary material (walls and roof) to echo the tones of bricks to be found elsewhere within Foxrock and which partly characterise the A.C.A. The expression of solidity is continued further by the use of limited areas of coursed stone stratified into layers to compliment the overall brick coursing. This use of a simple palette of traditional materials used in a contemporary fashion will serve to subtlety integrate the dwelling into the historic context.

The description in our planning report goes on to say…”The asymmetrical roof form completes the composition, the intention of which is to be boldly contemporary yet restrained through simplicity of material and detailing all of which will embody the positive high quality design sought under Development Plan policy within A.C.A.s”.

The full planning submission and floor plans can be viewed on the DLRCoCo website.